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A beginning of a new show on netflix.  I chose it because of the two cuties on the front picture.  Hahaha.  Plus, I enjoy supernatural stuff: vampires, werewolves, etc.  Watched the first three episodes and I’m hooked! Dean and Sam.  … Continue reading

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“It doesn’t matter how badass your character is, you still have to face the wife when you get home. ” “The wife has the last word in any argument.  Anything her husband says after that is the beginning of a … Continue reading

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*Destinee’s Prom-posal*

​ Another set of pictures my sister sent thru messenger.  Destinee’s time to get asked for prom.  Her prom-posal.  So, yah, I did a collage again.  :0P

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*Nieces’ Prom Dresses*

​ My nieces sent these thru messenger, well, my sister did.  And just thought it was cute, so I collaged them for future throwbacks. *Tear*  They’re growing up so fast.  Not so little munchkins any more.  :0/

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*Big, Face Chat*

Facebook chatting with my sister and Isaac saying, “aunty”to her.  Making her smile and laugh and capturing that moment was a happy one.  :0)

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*I. A. M.*

Isaac shows off his haircut.  He looks all grown up and very handsome.  I love him times infinity!  :0)

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*2 three tier cakes*

​ ​ I began my shift with an elegant light green 3tier quilted pearl cake.  It came out pleasantly nice.  Then a second 3tier, thirty minutes later, this flower and ribbon design.  Pretty and productive start to my day.  :0)

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