I’d like to say that I liked it, but honestly found disappointing moments. Mainly the ending. It was moving and heartfelt broken down emotions during this movie. The idea of losing a child, I wholeheartedly can relate. Because losing Savana was and may be the most devastatingly lost and unimaginable saddest moment of my life. When I found out she had no heartbeat, I know a part of me died with her and my heart would never beat the same. I believe that any mother who has lost a child, in death or perhaps missing, has that same feeling of emptiness that I feel even now.

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* Work Love *

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“One Magical Night”

I was excited to buy my tickets to see my newly favorite Filipino actor and actress, Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano sing for their U.S. tour here in Honolulu. They’re accompanied with filipina actress Bea Alonzo, comedians Nigi and Wacky Kiray.

When the night finally arrived, my husband and I took it as our “one magical night” or rather date night in a very long while, to be alone, just the two of us only for a few hours. Isaac stayed with grandma and grandpa while we were going to enjoy a Filipino concert “Magical Night.” Although my hubby didn’t know who they were, he accompanied me only because no one was going to go with me. And because I already bought the tickets.

We were a bit late as we got to the Manoa grand ballroom. We showed them our VIP tickets and received bracelets. Didn’t expect it to be very unorganized. You’d think having VIP tickets would get you good front row seatings. Nope. We walked in and people were seated everywhere. If I didn’t tell one of the security that we were VIP, we’d be standing up in the back of the room. Well, he got us chairs to be seated by the side almost close to the front.

It began with a newcomer singer, then the two comedians Nigi and Kiray. Funny, very funny, don’t get me wrong, but they went on for about 2 hours, well maybe an hour and a half. Then finally Enrique came out. Exciting and fun at first. He started his performance lively but no one around him in the front was really alive. They weren’t dancing or clapping, even. Perhaps clapping and screaming but come on, they should’ve been dancing. They stood there just watching him sing. Not I. Although I was on the wall side, I moved and danced and clapped. Then only three songs later, Liza came out as they both did a duet with a filipino love song titled ‘Ikaw’.

Go to my YouTube channel to view videos of the concert. YouTube channel: val31213. It was really nice to see them both sing that song. Then it was Liza’s turn to sing. She sang only three songs and that was it. I knew she wanted the room to be more alive because her last song she said she wanted everyone up and dancing. But no one really was lively. If she only looked to her left side of the wall. She would’ve seen me clapping and dancing along with her songs. Then Bea came out to sing, but only two songs. And again Nigi and Kiray came out again. Disappointed that LizQuen didn’t even sing that long.

Another disappointment was “the meet and greet” part of the evening. It wasn’t even a meet or greet. It was more like “stand in a long line to just take a picture”. A not-so-great picture too, I might add. Yes, the person who snapped it took a few shots, but none where all the actors and actress, comedians were even looking or smiling. I’m happy that Liza was smiling perfectly.

I gave a gift bag to Liza that included Hawaiian keychain for handbags for her and Bea. And also mini souvenir macadamias nut packages for her and Enrique. I had my “Just The Way You Are” dvd for her to sign, (you can see it on Liza’s lap) but couldn’t find the damn pen. Very upsetting. She was really nice and ready to sign it for me, pero walang pen!!! Arrgh!!! So then we had to move along (without my autograph and a not-the-best-looking picture.). It was a picture of us with them all right, but it could’ve been more nice of a picture and a better lasting memory of this “One Magical Night.” For the price, they could have at least shook our hands or gave a hug for the so-called “meet and greet.” They should have labeled the tickets, “picture with the stars” because that’s exactly what it was. Well, the best picture of this one magical night was with my one and only star, my hubby, my love.

Just for future reference to concert organizers and/promoters, for future concerts, please be more organized for so-called VIP’s. Regardless of late or early, if they paid for the price, they should get a better seat than the side pocket of the evening. Also, label the exact meanings of VIP benefits. Meet and greet should be at least a meet “shake hands” and a greet “a hello” from the stars. If it’s only going to be a photo/picture taking, then it should have been said as so. ⭐️⭐️/5 😕

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* Busy yet sweet day *

Saturday is always busy. But I must admit, we were on top of all the things that needed to be done, my Saturday crew. Had a little drama set back, but luckily we got each other’s backs and the drama walked out the door.

At the end of the day, these cakes were only some of the orders that I completed. I enjoy making the cakes, but it’s just too bad sometimes because I can’t get to see the look on the customers face when they pick up their cake. 🙂

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* Miss You Like Crazy *

Monday is movie day for Isaac and I, well, movie night. We try to watch one every Monday, or at least will try to, since I’ll be returning to work soon (to be determined).

Anyways, we saw a filipino film titled Miss You Like Crazy starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Not so dramatic. Tries to be funny. However, the plot doesn’t flow as good as I thought it would be (or you could say.. as I expected).

Perhaps my mind flow is always with my baby girl Savana. I miss her so much, it’s making me crazy sometimes. Not as much as before. Because even the song lyrics, the chorus just makes me think of her.

Well, I am a hopeless romantic. I do enjoy a happy ending especially when the leading man shows a romantic teary emotion when he sees his leading lady.

It did, however, have a cute turning plot when Mia’s grandpa told his prediction about the two individuals.

Either way, Isaac couldn’t keep still. But that didn’t stop me from finishing the movie. At least it gave us a little bonding time together, eating popcorn and mixed nuts. Regardless of what Isaac thought about the movie, I enjoyed it. ⭐️⭐️

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On June 13, 2017, a part of my heart died when I was informed that my baby girls’ heartbeat had stopped. I was full term, 39 & 3 days pregnant. My due date was June 17, 2017. With an 8lb baby inside me, hearing that devastating news, I knew my heart will never fully beat the same way ever again.

It’s been three months today on the 13th. I didn’t really announce my pregnancy, my baby bumps and ultrasounds, on my social media outlets; facebook, instagram, and twitter, youtube even. However, mostly everyone that saw me (and my belly) knew of my pregnancy. With everything I’ve been through, not telling the world about Savana was a big regret of my life. So now, I think I’m ready to share my story of my sweet baby girl 🦋

She will forever be remembered & loved 💜 my sweet Savana Ancheta Monden💫

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On Aug. 17, 2017, I was happy to receive a package in the mail and having it turn out to be my “forevermore” dvd complete series.  As I opened the package, I saw Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano on the covers, it really put a smile in my heart. Just seeing Liza, pretty and humble, I can’t help but to think of my Savana. I really can feel it.  Sa iyong puso ko.  It was a beginning of a sentimental inspiration. This love story of my two new favorite filipino actors, love duo “LizQuen”.

Then on Sept. 3, 2017, after finishing the complete series, I’m so happy that Xander and Agnes finally have their “forever.” I would have written all my thoughts on each episode, however, I didn’t feel like writing/typing. It was hours of just binging on “forevermore.” But I have to admit there was a lot of anger; a lot of love and concern; there was laughter when Agnes hit Xander in the head with a cabbage (unforgettable moment) but more laughter came around when Orly entered the story as Xander’s assistant.

Well, I know for sure that this love duo has made me fall in love with my culture all over again. Perhaps because they are beautiful, I enjoy watching them, but also the love story and how they actually came to be their own love story. I can’t help it but it helps me to cope with how Savana will be. It’s weird and I hope not too scary for Liza for me to think of her as my “way into the future” baby daughter, Savana. It just makes me look forward to when I actually unite with her. I can’t help but to think of Savana when I hear the theme song of “forevermore.”

While watching it, my son Isaac even got the hang of humming the theme song. I just wanna be grateful for helping me cope with my pain of losing my baby girl Savana. Maraming salamat! 🦋💜💫

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