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*Aloha. Welcome. Thank you.*

Door greeter the whole day.  8-1 shift.  Doesn’t seem too long but it is, believe me.  When you’re standing and greeting people and all you can do is smile, it’s still a tough, well, different kind of tough job.  Picture … Continue reading

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*Here. There. Everywhere.*

Woke up late because Isaac woke up too early and by checking my alarm, I accidentally turned it off.  Anyway.  By the time I got to work, it wasn’t that bad.  3minutes late.  So “they” had me on phone operator, … Continue reading

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Back 2 work… Was a bit anxious but because I was unsure what I was going to do exactly, I kind of dreaded it.  First saw Cori and asked her where I was going.  She said that bakery was out … Continue reading

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*Heartfelt Prayer*

I really don’t know how or can’t put down all that I feel right now.  I want to but it hurts.  I’m feeling so much right now.  However, this picture says it just perfectly. *this after speaking with Brian and … Continue reading

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