A beginning of a new show on netflix.  I chose it because of the two cuties on the front picture.  Hahaha.  Plus, I enjoy supernatural stuff: vampires, werewolves, etc.  Watched the first three episodes and I’m hooked!

Dean and Sam.  Ten seasons.  I’ve got a long pleasure watching binge to enjoy!  Jared Padelecki as Sam.  Henson Ankles as Dean.  My new favorite eye candy (or candies).  Hmm, if I have to choose though, it’s difficult if I were to choose only one (heheh) but I’d have to go with Dean.  His personality,  his humor (being cocky, sometimes) is what pulls me.  As for Sam, damn, his physique really, he’s tall grungy sexy looks make him a real “wow” kinda guy.

But Dean is…well with what I can describe from just the first episodes is… he’s dreamy!  Really.  Naturally Super :0) …netflix is the bomb!!


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