Got a call from James Leavitt.  He’s one of the lawyers of Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner.  He called around 3pm.  He said his good friend Ralph (who is my good neighbor) contacted him to speak to me about what happened with Savana.  I explained the situation the best I could remember.  He said that there was a medical lawyer with him and had put me on speaker.  As I spoke of my mishap and anger with what happened to Savana, the medical lawyer explained that there’s no actual case that’ll lead them to file against what happened.  Because there’s no case of proof that Dr. Lee did anything wrong to me or within my pregnancy, there’s no way that there would be a reason to sue him for negligence.  However, Leavitt did mention to me that if I wanted to talk to other lawyers, he would help with some resources for me.

It may seem hopeless to fight after hearing what Leavitt and the medical lawyer had to say, but perhaps there could be another way of a solution to this suffering.  I just need to find out what it will be.  😐 😐

I think that’s what made me wanna go public now and share my story of Savana. To bring justice to what Dr. Lee neglected to do for me. I wrote a book of poems titled Dream. Love. Reality. Perhaps it’s about making another book titled Savana. If anyone would want to help me or take part in it, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you very much 🦋💜💫💞

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Quality time

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I knew I loved you before I met you.  I loved you when I found out we were going to have you.  I loved you when your daddy and I created you.  What I didn’t know was that you were going to be taken away from us so quickly.

Too quick to even hear you cry, too quick to even have a proper goodbye.  But truly didn’t want to ever, never say goodbye.  Too many asking why…

Why did this have to happen?  Why couldn’t you stay?  Why didn’t the doctor do anything to try and save you?  Why is it so hard for these pain and suffering to go away? Why won’t these tears stop?  I understand that it’ll get better knowing and believing that our souls will unite and tether together.  But you’re the only one that I miss so much and love so much close to my heart, Savana Ancheta Monden 🦋💜

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Lovin’ our cruize day out

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Another day out cruizin’

We tried the New Diners Drive-In burger and it was good. Still though, daddy wanted the slushy at Richies (but they were out of the green one, so we tried the red one), was very sweet. The green slush was better. Next was a drive to Kailua side and had lunch at the Whole Foods market pizza place inside the store. JoAnn was working and had a selfie with Isaac before she went back work. Last stop was our angel baby Savana🦋💜 prayed and cleaned her surroundings ground as Isaac watered the grass.

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Just because…

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Hubby met up with his trauma doctor regarding his bruised butt at POB III #509 at 11:30am. His name was Dr. Frank Zhou. And Barbara was there too just as she had said over the phone. She’s the workmans comp nurse aide that’ll help us with paperwork and follow up procedures if necessary.

Well, I didn’t get to go in the room because the nurse there had said that the room was a bit tight for four people including a child, my rascal son Isaac. So he and I stayed and played; and twirled and singing “the wheels on the bus go round and round” until he got tired and fell asleep in my arms.

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