*More tiers and then some*

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*Tiers some more*

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*Before & After – haircut*

Isaac’s hair was getting longer and longer.  So I decided to cut it myself.  I ordered a hair cutter online, actually it’s kind of like a hair trimmer, that’s portable/rechargeable hair shaver.  It was easy to use and the outcome of it all worked out all right. :0)

Then he had mommy’s leftover dobash birthday cake.  Yumm! 🙂

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*After val’s day…*

In the morning, did a 1st birthday tier cake with a lil’ #1 request. Then did adult contemporary design cakes.  At home, hubby picked up our v-day dinner: chow mein noodles, sweet n sour pork, and walnut shrimp. :\ 🙂 

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*Happy Val’s day*

What more can I say?  It was a busy day at work.  I bought my own do bash cake. 🙂 I bought my hubby a heart shaped steak just to be romantic (even though he’s going to cook it).  Hubby bought me a new Gucci backpack that I love.  I made a yummy blueberry, strawberry, cookies n cream ice cream dessert.  And I also bought a toy from jollybee for my babyboy (so he don’t feel left out on this special day:).  It was a happy Val’s day! ♡

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*selfies with big bro*

My big bro took this selfie of me & him while on our trip to Vegas on 10.06.13, a few days after my wedding & Destinee’s sweet 16 bday bash.  However, he texted me this photo for my birthday today.  🙂

Also, this photo with mom, he wasn’t sure what date exactly, but I believe it was around the time of my visiting my family with Darren for our wedding to be.  However, this was in Delano, in our old home.  Thanks for the pics, manongko.  I miss mommy so much.  I love this picture where she looks so happy.  This is how I want to remember her.♡ 🙂

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*Sunday adventures*

Our fast stroll at the swapmeet. 🙂

Something I wanted to buy and make (pinapaitan), but then changed my mind instead, to just buy it already made.  😛

What I actually bought instead (jollybee’s shapghetti).  :/

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