*Just The Way You Are*

I just watched a filipino movie entitled, “Just The Way You Are” with Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. It’s like I fell in love all over again. I haven’t watched a filipino movie in awhile and now that I have, I’m in a tagalog film mode and have fallen in love with my culture all over again.

Falling in love with the characters, Drake and Sophia have shown in the movie that they have a great connection. And just for that, it has made a memorable movie. It has given me a kind of feeling that balances my thinking, or rather, dreaming of how my daughter would be like.

Going off subject of my review, since losing my baby girl, Savana, I have drowned myself in many hopeless times wondering… just wondering… if she has brown eyes, dreamy and beautiful eyes. Would she have long, wavy hair or have it straight and bold? And what about her laugh? Will I be able to hear it once we unite again? In such wonderment, I kind of torture myself thinking of her because I end up crying so much afterwards. That is why I busy myself with what I now call, “my filipino tagalog movie mode.” 😬

Drifting back in to writing my review of this movie, there are different pretty actresses in it and wonder again if that’s how my Savana would look like all grown up. Ok. Shaking off, this movie is wonderfully written and holds great inspiration as well. It has intrigue, anger, sadness and happiness in the end, which I love. An ending with a beautiful song that I now sing to my husband and son. Because “with you in my life” that is exactly how I feel towards anyone I love in my life. I am thankful that I have watched this film and made it indefinitely and unforgettably a part of my life.

I’ve followed and liked actor Enrique Gil and actress Liza Soberano on facebook to support them in their promising film career future. And who knows what else has in stored for both their successes.

Liza is really pretty and humbly spoken on the screen, which I admire very much. Enrique has that warming charm that grows on screen and enhances the story enabling the plot with a lasting smile that has settled inside my heart. They are both beautiful inside and out. And although I may be a late fan of theirs, I want to point out to them that I look forward to more movies of them together.

I also want to thank the writers of the movie and the participating actors and actresses that has made an unforgettable, memorable movie for me and hopefully more fans throughout the world. Because “Just The Way You Are” has balanced my heart, I have found different ways that has me dreaming of wonderful things again: love, laughter and hope. Salamat and thank you! 💞


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