I’ve waited for these finales and finally they’re here.  MasterChef and America’s Got Talent.  They’re both the same time, same day.  

First is AGT.  I want Grace Vanderwaal to win.  She’s 13, a song writer prodigy.  She’s wonderfully cute, and very talented.  To record this event, I wait and the top 3 are: Jon Dorenbos, was in the NfL Philadelphia Eagles (go Eagles!), as an exquisite magician.  The Clairvoyants are also magicians, very extraordinary magicians as well.  The intense arises, as Jon Dorenbos is in third place.  And the winner of a million dollar contract to perform in Las Vegas is………. Grace Vanderwaal.  Yay!

Then quickly, MasterChef.  It’s top three are: Brandi, Shaun and David.  I was rooting for Brandi.  They were all very good.  She had much determination and motivation that I admired more than the two men.  Alas, as soon as I flipped the channel from AGT’s finale, MC had its confetti and announces Shaun, from Las Vegas, before DJ, and now winner of this seasons MasterChef.  :0)


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