*No boddah da muddah*


Why is wednesday considered hump day? Is it because people tend to wanna “hump” on this particular day? Haha. Or is it because it’s the middle day of the week that people tend to try to struggle getting passed,  hence, the hump? Well, it seems like a struggling week for me. We’re getting ready for our trip to see my mom (for the last time) before she’s in her final resting place.

I saw this shirt at the mall and perhaps it should’ve just read: “dont boddah the muddah!”  That’s it! Hahaha! Just shrugging my shoulders right now as to how I’m going to get passed this week and the week after that knowing my mother is no longer with us here anymore? *tears* I know she’s in a better place in her own paradise perhaps, but still, my heart aches to hear her voice and feel her touch just for a little while*
♡I miss you so much mommy♡


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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