*Liberal Arts*

Written and Directed and Starring Josh Radnor. There’s something about him that I really like. For instance, this movie is weird, romantic, vulnerably and enthusiastically interesting. For some reason, it’s just the way the story tells itself. Romance, intriguing mystery, youthful confusion. Perhaps, I am mesmerized by … him. He’s like an old-fashioned weird, romantic enthusiast.

If I would meet Josh, I will tell him how much he inspires me. I’ve always known that I wanted to write, but now I’m inspired to tell the story that leads up to an actual story. It may be the way that he looks, or his eyes that tell a story; that tells the movie. Just like How I Met Your Mother, Josh tells the story that leads to finding that one true love. An unconditional, weak in the knees, mesmerized-in-your-eyes kind of love. Perhaps, that’s what I enjoyed about watching Liberal Arts. It’s the way each character met each other. Although, the mystery of it all perhaps is what kept me wanting more, wanting to explore. And that is what inspires me; that is how I am inspired.

Student, teacher, friend, stranger and possible dream lover has its own affection towards the major of liberal arts. Its passion is what got me interested and hooked. Well, that was my favorite part of the movie: when the music is shared by both victims and they embrace the music as its being heard. I, personally, want to own the soundtrack of the movie just so I can embrace what Jessie was saying during that time he was listening to the music that Zibby had made for him in the movie.

I would describe this movie as a considerate yet passionate movie that teaches young and old to have patience and be enthusiastic about the journey to your life and what’s ahead. I enjoyed it very much.


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