*Here. There. Everywhere.*

Woke up late because Isaac woke up too early and by checking my alarm, I accidentally turned it off.  Anyway.  By the time I got to work, it wasn’t that bad.  3minutes late.  So “they” had me on phone operator, then went down to break door greeter, took my only break, then “they” wanted me to go to bakery.  First thought: oh, now, they want me to go bakery because they were short handed.  No big deal.  I went in to help bakery as packer.  Met Vilma, a Salvadorian, who was on something to begin with.  She was fast but like steroids on fire fast.  She didn’t want to go break, even though I was there to break her.  She refused until she finished.  It was nice to see everyone in bakery.  But time flew fast while I was there, which is how I like it because I was doing something productive.  Then time to go home.

At home, my babies are excited to see me.  Big baby and mini baby. :0) big baby daddy told me that mini bad baby banged his ear and was black and blue.  More like purple too.  My poor baby.  Isaac seemed strong about it but daddy and I kind of looked concerned about his ear.  Also, today is Isaac’s 10th month celebration.  Had to pick up his formula at PharmaCare by the airport and shopped at Isaac’s favorite store: Times.  Was so cold inside, just how my baby likes it.  At least he was happy to finally get out from being stranded in the bedroom for all the days that I went back to work.


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