Back 2 work…

Was a bit anxious but because I was unsure what I was going to do exactly, I kind of dreaded it.  First saw Cori and asked her where I was going.  She said that bakery was out of the question.  So she pulled up all the positions available that was within my time slot – 8-1 -yes only 5hrs.  She said there’s a new system called “red pairy” not sure how it’s spelled.
Anyways, she wanted to send me home because there was nothing within my time availability.  Giving me possibilities, such as carts?! Rotisserie.  Produce. Thenwe go to Carolina.  Carolina suggests phone operator and/or door greeter.  She rolls her eyes and said to speak to Tiare.  Cori then advises me to compromise with Darrens’ schedule to start at least by 7-1 which gives me a more open position availability, such as the morning cake decorator.  Ugh!
Was an OK day, not so bad, but on times when 4 or 5 people call and all the lights are blinking, then it’s a sucky part of my day being a phone operator.  Then boring no calls moments leave me to get up, stretch, go bathroom break or eat my lunch.  Honestly, I can do it, but I don’t like it.



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