*Catching up…*

I’ve been trying to catch up with uploads.. to my media, that is. Photos and videos; clearing memory, saving them to files. Just want to commit to “snap and load” kind of thing with my phone.  You know, before I have too many pictures and too many videos, my memory on my phone is too small to open anything.

Now that Isaac is taking a nap, this is my time to catch up.  Yes.  I guess that’s how I choose to use my time.

There’s facebook; twitter; instagram; and of course, videos on YouTube (which, btw, is just videos that I’ve taken) (recently most of Isaac & just realized to upload, save videos on YouTube).

It feels good to catch up.  Even feels better if I’m right up to speed on things.  However, one thing I haven’t caught up on is sleep.  Although with other things that I’ve got to catch up on, sleep is pretty important.  I’ve tried that “you can sleep when you’re dead” saying, and try to get things done, but my body kicks my ‘okole’ and nothing gets done because I’m so damn tired.  But I’ve got a good husband who knows when I need that extra hour or so to sleep and he takes care of baby.

Isaac gets more curious everyday and with my husband working nights, mornings for him is a bit extra work considering Isaac.  But he gives me the sleep I need when Isaac keeps me up at night sometimes.  Perhaps it’s nightmares or hunger cries.  I don’t mind much because he’s so darn cute.  I hate to see him cry.

Well so far after this, it’ll seem that I’ll be caught up with everything considering pictures and videos and the social media.  Til next time.


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