“The Cobbler”

When I first think of the word “cobbler” ..hmm.. of course my mind says food right away. Think about it. What first comes to your mind when you hear “cobbler”? Peach Cobbler Pie. Mmmm. Ok, this isn’t about food. It’s about the movie, “The Cobbler” starring Adam Sandler (which I have to admit based on most of his past movies, this is going to be a good movie).

Found it on Netflix with four and a half stars. I, for one, don’t really judge much based on the star ratings on Netflix, but the stars show rationality. Well, If you want to know my opinion about the movie, keep reading. If not, well, I’m writing to tell about the movie so, stop! Read something else ..or.. just watch the movie!

Anyways, I, for one, had to read the plot to see if it was a good movie. And afterwards, I felt it’s going to be another one of those ‘if-you-can-dream-it-then-it-can-happen’ movies because I realized that most of Adam Sandlers’ movies are like that. “Bedtime Stories” .. “Click” .. just to compare a couple.

That’s why I love Adam Sandler. His movies are excellent (which I’ll probably write about again and again, once I watch them again and again). Come to think of it, the ones that I have watched of Sandler are meant to be watched again (like the ones mentioned earlier). I’ve watched his movies over and over again. OK. I’m drifting from my thoughts on “The Cobbler”.

But first, let me just say this: I’m getting a new and fresh start on writing – again. This time, I’ve decided on committing to express my thoughts more like this as it arrives (and as I watch movies more frequently). And since caring for my eight month old son, Isaac, 70% of each day is somewhat draining. I love to watch movies because it’s really calming and relaxing! Plus, it takes me away into the setting of the movie. To dream. To wonder. Well, it just takes me away.

Back to “The Cobbler”. Well, just as I have drifted from one thought to the next, that’s how this movie is; in a sense of changing shoes with the magic stitch is like changing faces and bodies but not attitudes. However, at first you think, is it going to get anywhere good, or interesting? Then comes the middle or climax point and boom* it’s interesting, exciting. You keep watching. Just like that “Max” played by Sandler, figures out how the stitcher machine works and he’s playing the field of “cobbling” bodies here and there, wearing his customers shoes, their bodies and faces.

At this point, in my mind, while watching the movie, I’m dreaming of what I would do if I were in that situation, or should I dare say, if I were in ‘his shoes’. Those shoes? There were many shoes. ‘Cobbling’, as I say, jumping from one shoe to the next as the person who owns that particular shoe, can be rewarding and complicated at the same time.

A sudden heartwarming moment in the movie was when Max jumps in his dad’s shoes to have dinner with his mom. As her husband, Max delights her heart thinking he had made his mom happy only to find his moms’ heart was waiting to have dinner with her husband as her last request in life. After a few mistakes into the movie, Max finds out that ‘Jimmy, the barber next door to Max, is really his father, whom all this time has been protecting Max over the years.

Surprised by ‘MethodMan’ in this movie, he actually played a thug gangster and humble-changed-shoe-man pretty well. Most scenes with him got me thinking that appearance plays a big part in a persons life; what people expect you to be or judge you who you are or where you’re actually from or where you live. However, attitude is most important most of all. Max turned his attitudes around being himself, how he was raised, treating people better and having better results in his life.

I actually have to hurry this note on ‘The Cobbler’. I’ve realized that I’ve skipped the beginning, where they say the history on how the magic shoe stitcher came in possession to Max and his father, passed on from his grandfather and so on.

If Isaac wasn’t eight months and wasn’t hungry all the time, then I could probably edit what I write. But he’s still eight months old. Still hungry all the time and first priority to care and love him each and every day.

‘The Cobbler’ is awesome. A dreamer movie. And I’m a dreamer. I love to dream. Not just the sleep kind of dream but the magic kind where there are possibilities and ‘what ifs’ created from that dream. Speaking of dreams, it’s getting to the point where my eyes are sleepy. Goodnight and sweet dreams*


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