Just an “ugh” kinda day! Ugh!

I tried to get some things done that was on my “to do list” that hadn’t been done for a very long time and it backfired on me.  With Isaac being very playful today, it was difficult to resume my cleaning the kitchen cabinets.  And by cleaning, I mean donating the things we’ve never touched and used…ever!  It felt good to start, and would’ve felt better finishing it, but…Isaac wanted to help me…just in his playful way! I’m not complaining too much because he is the cutest baby ever 😘 While feeding Isaac and playing with him, I put on a movie that I’ve never seen before.  “Parts Per Billion” .. ugh .. it was just like today.  I mean, good start, shitty ending.  There’s was no real ending “per se” and that pissed me off.  Seriously, where the hell is the ending?  It ends but what the hell? The young engaged love dies while making love, ok, that was the end to them.  But what was the part when that girl is in the park talking to the black basketballer guy?  And speaking of the black guy, he gets shot?!! What the hell! That was confusing.  The jungle fever love, now being stuck in the basement for 5-8 days…why is that a big deal?  Their water hadn’t run out yet, their food was ok, I guess.  In my mind, I was thinking, if you’re married to josh hartnett and was stuck in a basement with him for a few days, hellooo…just bang! Bang to get your mind off from thinking it’s the end of the world; bang because it’s going to be the end of the world.  Hahahah!  Maybe neurotic, or actually exotic, erotic but that would’ve been a better ending for them, for the whole movie “per haps” ..even for the elder love to die like that.  Better than how it really ended.  Ugh!


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