*promotion: happiness*

If there are people who work for a living, then what about those who live to work?  Working for minimum wage or an extensive amount salaried paid, I bet most people who work wants something better than what they’re actually doing. Right?  In a daydream today, I thought about different types of businesses, or rather small businesses, per se to the point where I drove myself crazy.  Too many that I want to build; too many that I find myself wanting too much for each business/plan/dream that I’ve been daydreaming.  Then I thought, OK!  What boils down to what exactly I’m thinking about?  What do I want from having a small business?  Having a dream come true?  Working to achieve a plan in mind?  *lightbulb* -it’s been on but where was that light facing?  Happiness!

In a job or duty, people feel relieved after accomplishing such job or duty.  Perhaps, tired or stressed at most, but at the end of the day, there’s a form of happiness from what we do, really.  In my daydream, my business is successful.  I am an independent woman who has succeeded in building a small business.  My workers would be loyal and very helpful.  However, I asked myself, with all that they do for me and my business, how do I promote each of them?  How much do I promote them?  Some measly cents, dollars added per paycheck?  Would that make them happy?  Would that make me or my business happy?  Then I imagined all the jobs I’ve been through; all the hard work I’ve sweated day by day.  I’ve realized, I just wanted to be promoted to happiness; a happier state of mind with what I love doing.  Now, if only I can narrow down all the things I love doing or just roll them all up into one big, gigantic happy ball that I can bounce all I want whenever I want! :0)

Concluding prayer:  Thank You God for the lightbulbs that go on in my head!  Even when times are rough, when the lightbulb gets dim or needs a shut off (me being lazy), it’s what I need…and I’m grateful that for those reasons, my belief within Your Will is what’s best for me…and that will promote to my happiness!  Amen!


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