*it really is neVer too late…*

It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged and I’m beginning to remember how it feels like to express my feelings or rather to let my feelings out like this.  I remember saying to myself that “it really doesn’t matter if anyone reads this, it only matters that I say it…because it’s all about me…because it’s really neVer too late to do anything especially when it comes to — me!” :0)

It really is neVer too late…

It’s the end of the month in March.  March 31st and being in recovery mode for the past two days from a flu, I’m feeling quite renewed as to what I must focus my strengths on.  *Gigglin* because it’s funny how I think too much about sooo many things, I’m figuring out that I should put my strength of ‘thinking too much’ to some good use; probably just for myself, but it’ll be really nice (funny) if it’ll help more people out there than just my measly self. (:

Since I’m thinking that I may be at the peak of my age *blah* I really ought to know what I’m talking about, right?  Not quite.  That’s why I think that it’s OK to start something that you’ve been thinking of doing for a while, even when you find yourself drifting away from it.  Because somehow, no matter what, you find yourself thinking about it one way or another.  I started thinking about my past dream log that was lost and was very disappointed and discouraged myself to log down any of my dreams again.  It was as painful as having a broken heart, really.

Losing something that you worked so hard on (for 10years) and just have it gone, vanish is still very painful to me.  I thought my heart wouldn’t be the same.  Just like losing a loved one. Hey, don’t laugh, mybe just giggle because it is a bit silly.  But really, time does heal all wounds.  Sometimes it might take a really long while for you to overcome that loss, but your heart or that feeling regains its power all over again.

Just like my thoughts just now.  Having a massive fever of 102, I really did sweat that flu out of my system and perhaps a bit more of some of that negative vibe that was in me for a while too.  Those positive energies that I had and put into whatever I did is coming back to me like a boomerang that flew way in the hell out of nowhere and finally making its way back to me.  It’s on again!  But this time, I’m not just going to log my dreams down, I’m going to live some new ones that I can actually say, ‘hey! those dreams really happened to me!’ 🙂  No more external drive saving. Well, unless I back it up with a disc or something.  But at least if I’m logging or blogging anything on the internet, it’s bound to be found and read one way or another.

Well, I really was excited to see the first few of my logged dreams in my past blogs in here.  I just didn’t finish transferring them all.  If only ); I would have had a decade of logged dreams…could’ve been my second published, yet done-right-the-second-time book  *sigh*  Oh well!  To be and stay positive and productive, I must be and stay focused on being and doing just that!

“The most powerful agent of growth and transformation is something much more basic than any technique: a change of heart.” – John Welwood

Concluding prayer: with the mercy of God, Mother Mary, Jesus, all the Saints and Angelic Spirits out there, I truly am blessed…thank you for hovering over me, keeping me in your faith and guiding me to be who I am meant to become through your eyes!  Amen!


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