*out of the darkness…*

“Out of the darkness comes the promise of light.  Out of the violence of the past comes the dreams of the future.  Keep dreaming and make it sweet.”

There’s a storm headed for the islands.  But it seemed like it’s been swaying around me the past few weeks already.  Gusts of winds making me more lost than I already was.  The winds blowing so strong not knowing where it’ll get me day by day.  Rain falling and then having the sun shine a few minutes later?  I know I was lost, but I was lost with someone.  We were lost together in an adventure waiting to be exposed to the world.  Now, all I can do is put up the sails and get ready to sail away.  Where to?  Only God knows where to.  Perhaps, I’ll continue to wait for him, because I’m not ready to sail and be lost alone really.  Because being lost alone is like…..swimming in the middle of the ocean and then getting tired of floating or swimming that eventually you drown; or like…..flying a kite with no wind (or sailing without a sail).  There’s no use and esp. no fun doing it!  Well, like all storms, they shall pass … perhaps, quietly thru the night.  (Hopefully, when I’m in a deep sleep and dreaming of all my favorite things…and…so the thunder doesn’t scare me…)…just waiting for it to pass really…

A prayer and a message: may peace and dreams so sweet fill each night bringing a light that evolves into a peaceful, sweet day! **


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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