*so many things, so little time*

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.”   –Anne Frank

Well, it’s been a really long time since I ‘blahhgd’ & it might as well be long since I’ve got so much I want to say, but to cut it short, well, “so many things, so little time” is all I can say!  Bills, work, letters, bills, quality time with loved ones, projects, pet issues, transportation issues, bills, relationships, priorities, meetings, agendas… the list goes on…and on…

My last blog was in May.  And I told myself that I would blog every 5-10 days often as to keep things intact with my life.  But as technology runs wild, being that my computer was down, I could not keep that commitment.  However, all is well & I shall remain that commitment & bring forth my weekly positive quotes within my every blogs (at least I shall try)!

As for my new friends and fans (if any) thanks for taking time to read my blahhgs and/or my profile!  For all the bands and music lovers out there, music makes the world a better place to express ourselves in our own unique way!  And I have yet to lap up a few thoughts about the ‘objective of being happy’ really!  As brilliant as I want to be (and who doesn’t want to be, right?) I find that the best part of being happy is the company of happiness.  We can all be happy by ourselves (lol) but when you find someone or manyones who keep you happy, that’s what matters most.  Don’t you think?  Well, that and the thought of what makes you happy, right?  Especially to my favorite person: who believes I think too much & whom he doesn’t think as often I would want him to think about being positive and try seeing the whole picture of what happiness is all about to him! Each day I pray for it to be a happy day.  Each day I pray for it to be happy days for everyone; the whole world!  Seriously, happy days to all, every day!  I cannot make this ‘blahg’ only about me.  It has to include everyone; how I feel about how the world can be.  New ‘blahhg’ word: gimpy (0; My thoughts may be gimpy but they are mine!  It don’t matter much if it’s not read, but matters that it’s written down!

“Spread the love more & pray that there may always be good in this world!  We just have to show it more to those who’ve lost their inner good & endure whatever comes along!”

Love & Peace Always! :O)


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