I’ve changed the amount of days in between from writing a new blog 🙂 I mentioned before that because of my schedule, I would try & manage to blog every 10 (+) (-) days.  I’ve changed that (; at least as I put my mind to keeping it to 5 days, more or less :0)

“You can change just about anything you set your mind to changing.”

I know that’s a bit of a broad positive quote, but there’s many things that I’ve been thinking about that I would like changed, but my top 3 are: Society (kids are losing respect nowadays of elders), Poverty (seems economy is helping its population & welcoming new tenants by the day; it’s the worst country all on its own) & Income (well personally I just want it changed as each day is a struggle to survive 🙂 however, I highly enjoy taking advantage is my days off to relax & that’s one that I don’t ever want changed :0)

As lent is approaching its final days & welcoming Easter, I’ve given up worry (at least tried not to, too much), self-indulgement (spending less on myself, on things I don’t really need, etc.) and negativism (basically that should be everyone’s thing to give up & change).  However, I’m glad that things change tho.  It means we’re human & everyone doesn’t think the same.  It’s what helps us understand the world we live in & endure what ever comes our way…as long as we put our mind to thinking it so!


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