…simple thoughts…

Focus. Aim. Goal. Focus. Plan. Manage. Focus… there are many things to stay focus on. Mainly, what is really important? The goals we have? How are we going to achieve them? What is the plan? How will we manage it? Families and friends? People in our lives? What do they think of you? Why should you care what people think about you? Really, what is really important? Our health. Plain and simple. Stay healthy, fit. Not just physically, but mentally. It goes both ways, doesn’t it? If we’re not healthy, how will we ever even dare to focus on anything if our bodies cannot function.

Health! Feed your minds, body and soul. We’re all hungry for something. Rich or poor. Everybody is starving in their own way. The rich starve for power and money. The poor starve for food, knowledge and money or power. In between, we starve for knowledge, prayers, spiritual meaning, money and power. Where is the focus? It should be on ‘Belief. Faith.’ We all starve in one form or another. But nobody really focuses on God. It’s mainly on food, knowledge, money and power. Prayers. For some, God is a part of their ‘down’ life ie. they think of God only when they’re down, upset. But, we all know that God works in the most mysterious ways. Simple thoughts today: give thanks for knowing, living, dreaming and sharing. Rich or poor. We are all the same in belief that in some way we are all starving children of God! So thank God for… for… everything… for… for… simple thoughts… mm-hm!


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sweet. weird. simple.
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