… What a day! …

The fact that things do happen for a reason, every form of action has a reaction!  There was a tension inside of me building up for awhile.  S had said something that kind of stimulated it more and I just had let that angry tension out – out on the most rude customer ever!

It began while helping customers at the membership side and seeing the line form longer with customers by the minute.  As I helped customer after customer on the membership side (because that was where the line was being formed by the customers) I, including my fellow associates continued to help the following customer.  Then, as a customer arrived on the refund side, since I had a till (ie. refund cashier drawer) I switched over to the refund side to help the customer with its refund item(s).  I completed the refund and was ready to help the next customer.  The most rude customer had his eyes all over me even before I completed the guy’s refund in front of him.  As he walked towards me, began to yell, explaining himself, “I was in line for the longest time while you were walking back and forth and then that guy shows up on this side to do a refund and you help him first…when I was waiting in line over there!”  I began to calm him down by saying, “I apologize, sir, but this is the refund line and you were standing in the membership line.”  The guy looked at me and didn’t even bother to hear me continue what I was saying and began shouting at me.  “I don’t appreciate it when you ignored me (us) over there and jumped over to help that guy.  What kind of service is this?”  I began to calm him again, “Sir, I’m sorry, but how can I help you?”  The nerve of him says, “Now, I don’t even think if I want you to help me, because I don’t think you can help me after what you’ve done (or haven’t done) already.”  He said something like that, ranting on so rudely and got me upset and not wanting to help him anyways.  I tried to explain to him that there are two lines: one for the membership and the other for refunds.  Then he says, “well, I’m returning this, because it was the wrong product.”  As I took the item and asked for his card and the receipt, he rudely added, “You know, I think I should take my business elsewhere being treated like this.  I don’t think you know what you’re doing anyways.”

That was it.  I had enough of his bull-shit and blurted out, “well, sir, then maybe you should take your business elsewhere!  I said, I’m sorry, what else?”  I couldn’t take it.  I didn’t want to help him anyways.  I felt so disrespected after apologizing and still getting rude remarks.  I felt that I was right to say that after him being so rude.  He looked at me as I finished up his refund and all he needed was to sign the refund slips.  Well, he should go somewhere else; somewhere where they can take his bull-shit comments and misunderstanding, no consideration, rude disrespectful ass elsewhere!  I finished up the refund while my fellow associates stood by me trying to calm me down and also trying to apologize as well, to that asshole!  He then began talking about Costco and that they wouldn’t treat him like this; ignoring him telling him to take his business some place else.  Well, then again, I told him that he could go take his business to Costco since that’s where he was blabbing about so disrespectfully in front of me, my co-workers, in front of the other customers making me feel really, really terrible!  The next customer came up shaking his head after hearing what that rude guy just said.  Denise comforted me and took over the next customer.  I appreciated her doing that because at that moment I was hot/pressured and just wanted to cry.  I wanted to punch the shit out of that guy and knock him out of the store.  So I walked away, and took my break.  However… that wasn’t the end of it.  As I made my way to the COS podium to grab some change for my till, the most rude guy ever was talking to Coach Carrie (one of the floor managers).  I saw the guy and then he saw me.  His eyeballs staring right at me, and felt as if he wanted to burn holes right through me as he continued to talk to Carrie while staring at me at the same time.  Man, I couldn’t take this bull-shit guy!  Somehow, I guess they all heard what just happened and COS tried to comfort me as I was shaking with anger – still.  Then, it hit me as his eyes glared at me, I wanted to clear it up and apologize one more time.  I walked up to him and Carrie, still his mean eyes on me, and said, “She’s still causing trouble, see…” I calmly said, “Sir, I am sorry about what happened.”  He didn’t bother talking back to me, and moved over to Carrie continued to talk to her while Carrie looked at me and shook her head at me and moved her eyes-eyebrows for me to leave.  So, I walked past and took my break.

I called S and left him a message and he must’ve been close by because within a few minutes he was there in front of me.  Just looking at S gave me the comfort I needed!  We walked outside and I didn’t care I hugged him immediately.  He kind of rejected it at first, but then hugged me anyway.  We walked upstairs to the fourth floor and sat down.  I snuggled next to him and told him what just happened.  S looked at me and had a look on his face I couldn’t distinguish.  It was kind of a sad, happy, confused look as he gave me a soft kiss.  I held his arm and told him how happy I was to see him and that he had no idea just how much sitting right beside me meant so much to me.  It was supposed to be my fifteen minute break, but seemed like more than that.  I was ready to let S go, permanently. But then after this incident and seeing him all over again, I couldn’t let him go.  It’s an ending to what was, but a new beginning to what will be! *sigh* What a day!


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