Feb. 17: Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday!

Chloe Advincula Brewer. My niece, from my favorite cousin, who doesn’t keep in touch any more 😦 but 🙂 because “it takes two to tango” and I’m half responsible for that too. But, remembering the special days with those who carry special meaning in our hearts is what I’m trying to spread here. To spread some joy and comfort though the distance is wayyy far and wide in between us, the internet does a great deal to keep us connected, somehow, once you read this. (O; So, how old are you, Chloe? “Days goes by so fast, but memories will always last.” Birthday wishes: I wish you a lifetime full of smiles from those you love and from those who love you too. No matter where you are or what you do, just remember a smile and a ‘hello’ will take you far from not doing or saying anything at all! Happy Birthday, sweet Chloe!


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