… Love is a Battle Field …

As I lay in deep thought thinking how did this day turn out the way it did. Was it neglected by the emotions held within myself? Was it to the point where I expected too much and in return got the complete opposite of what I was hoping for? I’ve come to realize that high expectations are only made to bring yourself to lower them for truth in reality. Because expecting too much is very much disappointing as to when you began to expect it from someone who you shouldn’t have given any expectations to.

I understand that what he did wasn’t intention, when he was given such expectations from work. But, a little kind consideration towards my feelings should have been taken place; a surprise visit with a rose, sweets or simply a gentle kiss or meaningful hug would have done no harm; a kind thought or a letter slipped under my door. Well, I guess that’s too much of an expectation from someone whom I thought cared about me. But then again, something could overturn what happened today, with a lovely comeback of tomorrow’s hopeful romance.

It’s a never-ending process in emotions that anyone carries a feeling on this day that love will prevail; love will be enhanced on a day such as valentine’s day. I’ve only expected a single thought of love to fill me today, my bday. Never in all my life did I expect to be filled with tears of sadness on this day. And to that person, once again, to thank you for all the things you’ve made me realize. It takes only one thought of a wrong act to conjure a bad memory that cannot be replaced or unheard of. It will remain a memory no matter what!

Like the saying goes: It’s easy to forgive, but so hard to forget! Then again, my saying this year goes: I choose not to let the past rule me, but to guide me in the goodness of the forthcomings of whatever lies ahead and to take heed enduring whatever comes my way!


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