More Than Just Poop

Being a volunteer and pickin’ up poop is more than just that. It’s kind of relaxin’ from the every day, hour to hour job and takin’ part of my day to pick up animal poop at the Honolulu Zoo. Well, I’d say it’s a bit therapeutic for someone who doesn’t take a glance and look what’s around them; therapeutic for those workaholics out there who works around the clock and doesn’t have time to… breathe the fresh air… outdoors, that is. (Well, if you’re pickin’ up animal poop then there’s not much of the fresh ‘air’ to breathe ;O) but you can say that it is a bit “aroma-poo-tic” when you’re lookin’ out for the animals.) I really enjoy volunteering. There’s so much more than pickin’ up the poop because each zoo keeper has shown me and informed me of so many things about the different animals. Believe me, there’s feeding them, grooming, caring and knowing how to handle each different animal you would come across; knowing which tools to use to groom them; how many scoops of vitamins/nutrients to give them when feeding time comes and especially how to watch your back while feeding them, amongst other things. Safety always comes first. But, as a visitor looking at the animals, or observing the zoo keepers, you’d think it’s not as difficult as it seems, but behind closed doors, it is. Most days can be a cool breeze though :O) but then most days aren’t. Animal poop, however, you’d think twice if it really is “aroma-poo-tic” because for most it’s just a plain ol’ stinky, dirty job, but for the rest who thinks like me, you’d think there’s more to it ’cause it leaves you feeling good about helping out the animals and learning more about them each time you volunteer. And well, to me that’s an “aroma-poo-therapy” in a weird way! 🙂


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