Jan. 15: Birthday Wishes

brother-in-law: Brian: Happy birthday. I hope you’ve learned to relax more since your last birthday. You know, smiling and laughing more is an age defiant, sometimes. That I’ve heard 🙂 so you need to start smiling more and laugh more to catch up in the process.

niece: Brianna: Same bday as your dad, that ought to be cool in a weird way though! I do hope you get more presents than he does 😉 well, hope you take advantage of your day today, but just remember not to take too much for granted. Don’t forget to make a wish! And someday those wishes may all come true! Happy birthday!

friend: Jon: Happy birthday. It may have been awhile and don’t know if you care too much about remembering who I is 🙂 but I still remember you good friend, Happy birthday.

pomona friend: Jurex: Didn’t think I’d remember it huh? Well, Happy birthday doood! It’s been quite awhile, but I hope you’re doing real good wherever you’re at now. It’s another new year and wishing you another Happy birthday!


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