~Baby Turtles~

I’m watching TV then I get up and go feed my turtles. I look in the aquarium and they’re gone. But then, I lift up their bowl-plate where I put their food and they’re both under there. First, Kirby moves from underneath and then Kahlua follows him. After they move, to my surprise, there are little baby turtles squiggling around. I was so shocked that I began shouting out, “There are baby turtles, we have baby turtles!” Nobody was around as I was happy to see little turtles moving around. I just stared at them as I thought of what to do with them. Should I move them or leave them alone? And so, I left the baby turtles where they were and covered them with the plate. Kirby and Kahlua swam underneath as if they were checking up on them to see if their babies were all right. *** This must have been a sign of good luck or something. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, lotto, or go to Lemoore… hmmm. Perhaps, someone is pregnant or will be.. aiYa!


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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