~At The Mall~

Walking in the mall. Looking for something to buy. Looking for someone. I’m not sure. But I’m walking at a big mall, which I don’t think I’ve been to before. This guy walks past me and takes a second stare as I look at him walk by me. I don’t know him, but he’s cute. I continue to walk and I see a guy looking at a store window. He sees me as I walk by him and he smiles. I smile in a weird way because he’s not so cute. My legs get tired so I sit down. Many people pass me by. Then, there’s this girl who looks at me with hate in her eyes. She stands in front of me and says, “I don’t appreciate you looking at my boyfriend.” What?! Who’s your boyfriend? My mind wonders. And she walks away with a snotty attitude. Ha ha. I laugh not knowing who her boyfriend was and if he was the cute one or not so cute one. I continue to observe the passers when a guy sits beside me on the bench. I look at him and he’s really handsome. Clean cut. But he’s looking down. I look away knowing that he doesn’t want to be bothered. Then, he asks if I have a tissue. I look in my bag and hand him my handkerchief. He looks at it and says, “This is too pretty. I don’t think I can use it.” I don’t know why I handed it to him. He then tells me about his problems. I have a habit to look into the eyes of who is talking to me and he completely stops talking. “What?” I say. And he turns away. I look for a napkin, perhaps, in my bag but there’s nothing. He gets up and kneels* I look around and people are staring. He looks up at me and someone from afar is calling my name. I look around. I look at this handsome guy on his knees. *** Damn. I gotta stop watching all these romance movies.


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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