~Tidal Waves~

Once again, I’m driving on a freeway in my car. For awhile, it seems like nice weather. No sun out, but bright skies. I’m singing to my music, as always and I reach a bridge. I carefully cross it with no other cars on either ways. Strange that I’m on a freeway with no cars, I take precaution why it is the way it is. Suddenly, it begins to rain. Then, it rains harder and faster as I’m in the middle of the bridge. I’m afraid that something is bound to happen. For no reason, I speed up in the rain just so I could make it on level ground and not be stuck on the bridge that didn’t seem to end. All of a sudden, a humungous tidal wave comes along and covers the remaining bridge that’s ahead of me. I panic and scream* as I’m witnessing the bridge slowly immersing under the waves. I had a bit of speed going so I figured I could jump the portion in which was destroyed and pray that I make it on solid ground. Turned up the volume, Janet Jackson’s All For You blasting the speakers in my car to distract my fear of what may happen. I step on the pedal all the way to the floor and face the tidal wave that’s ahead of me. I sing along with Janet and crash into the waves with my eyes wide open. I’m in mid-air waiting to see if I land on the other side or inhale the depths of the cold waves below me. *I land safely on the other side. I’m breathing heavily as I look behind me and see the mean tidal waves still hovering the bridge like a bear clawing on a piece of meat. I continue to drive in the rain. The song ends and I look for something else to play *** I get up from my bed and hear people in the kitchen.


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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