~Full Moon~

Walking on a beach by myself, stars twinkling and the moon is bright and beautiful. I’m walking while staring at the moon. No one is around, so I thought. But then, I fall down as to have bumped into something, or rather someone. It’s a big guy. He’s on the sand as well as I am. Shaking off his head, I get a glimpse of his face. He’s cute, but I haven’t seen him before. He looks at me and grins. I just lay there and he moves closer to me, my mystery man ** and dusts off some sand off my shirt. He says, “It’s really a full moon, huh.” I say, “it sure is.” We stare at the moon and I can see him looking at me once in awhile as I slowly take a peek at him. We laugh and ** we lay on the sand looking at the full moon. *** This could be a sign of meeting someone new.. perhaps during a full moon.


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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