Running away from something or someone. I’m in the middle of a street and there’s a van chasing me. My legs start to slow down. I want to run faster, but my knees are weak. I begin to cry as I’m running. Then, I see a house and run inside. It’s an empty house and I duck down and hide. Panting like a thirsty dog, I look outside the window and I see four guys outside the van plotting what to do next. I sneak towards the back door to escape and begin to run again. I’m in the backyard. They start shooting at me *I’m so scared … I come across a broken down car and hide. They continue to shoot and one says, “I’ll go get the car.” I sit in my hiding spot and I see them running back to the van. *There’s no where I can run to or hide elsewhere. Suddenly, the van pulls a couple of feet by the crushed car I’m in. They snoop around and they look angry. I don’t recognize any of them, but there are only three now. What happened to the fourth guy? The three spread out to look for me with their guns. I continue to look out *they give up and decide to leave. As they get in the car, I see the fourth guy staring at me as they open the sliding door of the van. It’s mystery man; handsome, but who is he? I’m scared *** What was that all about? When and where will I meet him besides in my dreams, sheesh!


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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