~Fast Lane~

I was driving my car, ‘Cord, just listening and singing to the music, when suddenly a car from behind tailgates me. The lights are on but it’s sunny outside. It slowly goes to my left side and tries to over-take me on the fast lane. I slowly look and it’s a real nice truck, white and shiny. I try to glimpse at the driver and he’s looking at me. I couldn’t believe it, but it was a mystery man. Handsome, yet dark. He was right by me and trying to go in front of me, but couldn’t because I was on cruise and was going the same speed. Then another car comes from out of nowhere and passes me on my right side. It’s Rod’s car. He slows down for a bit and looks at me as if he wanted me to catch up with him. So I try and press the gas to go faster, but he’s just going too fast. I lay low and slow down. I’m disappointed why he didn’t wait for me. Why was he speeding and didn’t slow down? But in the corner of my eye, I see mystery man on the fast lane, right beside me, looking at me, smiling. *** I realized a lot about this dream.


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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