~ My Dream Journal ~

I want to create this dream journal to have a more understanding of myself, as well as what my dreams are about and why I dream them.  Some dreams are confusing and weird (even as I explain them and as I read them, myself).
Inspiration to record my dreams: Oprah’s taping on Journals .. June 24, 2002.
~ symbols ~
* – an event I hardly recall what happened or blurred image.
** – an occurrence not suitable for children –wink–
*** – the end of my dream .. I wake up.
— – afterwards? Look at the time.
PB – potty break (O;

— Although in my sleep, it’s real, so it may seem .. but I wake up and realize that it’s only a dream.

. . . Now all I gotta do is dream . . .


About valerie

sweet. weird. simple.
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